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A New Look For Team RCO


Team RCO is constantly pushing for a uniform consistency on our vehicles. We are always on the lookout for products that will perform the job that's needed, and have redundancy in the places where vital. There are very few things in the world of aftermarket accessories that can affect the look of your overland vehicle the way that a set of wheels can. We recently teamed up with VARRSTOEN Wheels , and have upfitted all three Team RCO trucks with wheels from their VTX Off Road line.

For Mamba and Pongo, we chose their six spoke Terra's in 17x8.5" with -10mm offset, in satin bronze, and for Nanuk, their 5-spoke flat lip Outlaw's in satin black with the same sizes and offsets. We were able to reuse our factory tire pressure sensors, without modifications. The wheel center caps snap into place well, and can be installed before or after the wheels are mounted. The wheels balanced nicely, and the Varrstoen lug nuts we elected to use are high quality and come with a key for their install and removal.

All VTX wheels utilize one-piece cast aluminum construction and are offered in multiple sizes, offsets, and lug pattern configurations. The finish of these wheels, both in their machining and coating, is spectacular!

We are ecstatic with the final product these beautiful wheels have provided. They have undoubtedly changed the personalities of the trucks, all for the better.


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