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We have had an opportunity to try a great many products that can enhance any adventure. We want to share our experience with you, so we have curated these collections to help outfit you on your upcoming adventures.



Camp Kitchen

We believe that home cooked meals are an essential reward for the end of a long day of exploration. We have some talented chefs at RCO and we love made from scratch meals whenever possible. This collection features some of our most used camp kitchen accessories.

Camp Life

Some of our most precious memories are made after leaving the dusty trail, and settling into a remote and peaceful campsite.  In this collection, you will find items that we use to enhance our camp life.

Recovery Gear

One of the most important categories of gear to consider when engaged in vehicle dependant adventure travel, is recovery gear. Being able to safely extract a stuck vehicle may mean the difference between adventure and misery.

Pet Essentials

Pets are family at Rock Creek Overland. We have to look our for our furry friends and make sure they have the gear they need at all times. Here are a few of our furry friend favorites.  ​

Camera Gear

Photography and cinematography are at the core of what we do at Rock Creek Overland. This collection hilights some of our most used imaging tools.

Grill Light Kit

Here is a fun and simple mod that adds a bit of visual appeal and extra visibility to the front end of your rig.  This little lighting mod is a great afternoon project for folks that do not yet have a lot of experience in electrical mods, as it is quite simple. Check out the full write up below. 

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