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What Inspires You?



Windows slightly cracked, a warm breeze sweeping through your hair while the hum of heavy tires press firmly across the pavement. Your mind wanders as your eyes drift across the windshield scanning over the horizon. A veil of fog lifts exposing mountain views in the distance. You are no longer confined to your daily schedule. You are free to explore as you choose.

You have started an exciting journey, unaware of what lies ahead.

Anything can happen.

This is the feeling that inspires us to travel. This feeling of adventure evokes our senses and inspires our creativity. As designers, photographers, writers and wanderers our desire to visit new places fuels our creativity.

We choose to explore via vehicles, rather capable vehicles. Vehicles that can scale steep terrain and grind across rocks while coming off the trail ready for more.

Each winding turn yields majestic views while the strenuous ascent pulls the parallax into perspective. We are small in comparison.

The green aspens at the base topped with white snowfall and a blue mist sky is amongst the most favored view.

Spruce Trees in Ouray

With these sites, why wouldn’t you travel?

With this in mind we leave you with this quote;

“We should come home from adventures, and perils, and discoveries every day with new experience and character” - Henry David Thoreau

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