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Featuring the ReadyLight by Free Spirit Recreation

We were inspired to put together this short promo film of one of our favorite pieces of kit, the ReadyLight, by our friends at FreeSpirit Recreation. We wanted to touch on some of the main features of this amazing product, and how it has impacted our camp life. The ReadyLight is one of those things that you didn't know you needed until you tried it. It is truly amazing how much light it puts out, and how that has an impact on the quality of life in the field. To find out more, visit FreeSpirit Recreation


We recently acquired a new piece of gear for our overland camping travels; the ReadyLight by Free Spirit Recreation. It is an item that, upon initial assessment appears to be a luxury item, but once you actually use it, it proves to be a staple in camp life, and you wonder just how you functioned without it.

ReadyLight solar charging

The Ready Light is packaged in attractive, sturdy carrying bags, and when you unpackage it for the first time, you'll realize what a cool piece of equipment you've purchased. Assembly is quick and easy! It only takes a minute to piece together the legs for the sturdy tripod base and mount the assembled head down on the vertical riser. Before you know it, the sun's rays begin charging it's lithium battery via the solar cell atop the main lighting component, and when the sun sets behind the horizon, the light is ready to earn its keep.

ReadyLight carrying bags

The Ready Light features a main body light that can be used to provide a wide coverage light source filling the camp with a cool white glow, as well as four detachable mini lights, which are extremely handy for camp living. It's mount allows full 360° rotation, and approximately 270° of tilt, allowing you to illuminate wherever needed for up to 30 hours, no matter the task.

ReadyLight usb charging port

In addition to the main body light, the four detachable mini lights serve as individual flashlights and are super helpful for a multitude of tasks such as cooking, reading, vehicle maintenance, trail repairs, etc. Thanks to their hidden folding hook and built-in magnets, they provide hands-free operation and can be used all around camp. These lights have 2 modes for wider pattern ambient lighting, a low and high output mode, and they really do punch above their class.

The more we've used this product, the more entrenched it has become in our camp life. The utility of the light allows its use to be as limitless as your imagination. So the next time you are considering a light source for your camp, check our the Ready Light; you won't be disappointed!


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