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Keeping your roof top tent fresh

After a week or two on the road you want to make sure that your home away from home stays clean and as dirt free as possible. Here are some of the things we do to keep our roof top tent fresh for the next adventure.

  • Keep bedding clean and use dryer sheets inside of the sleeping bag and tent for a fresh scent.

  • Clean out dirt and debris after each use.

  • Check condition of zippers, netting and mattress cover.

  • Wash mattress cover periodically.

  • If you keep your bedding in the roof top tent at all times make sure your wash your bedding periodically. This will prevent oil build up.

  • Febreeze the tent to remove camp fire smell.

  • Keep shoes in plastic bag at the top of the tent at night.

  • Keep a blanket or fitted sheet over the mattress to keep it clean.

  • Vacuum out roof top tent before next use.

  • Air out each month with heavy use.

Stay tuned for more tips, and remember, be inspired by the journey!

Roof top tent

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